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    Access to this folder is restricted to trainers approved by the OFC to instruct NFPA 1002 Apparatus Equipped with a Fire Pump (Chapter 5). For more information please contact the Registrar's office.

    An overview of legislation, standards, and guidelines that affect the Ontario fire service

    This folder contains files from the 2016 FPO/Pub Ed Seminar. A password is required to access. For more information please contact Instructor David Tiller: David.Tiller@ontario.ca 

    This correspondence course is designed to address the gap identified between the Ontario Fire College Pumper Operator Program and NFPA 1002 Apparatus Equipped With A Pumper Chapter 5 2014 Ed. Students must be enrolled in the course by the Ontario Fire College Registrar's office to access the files.

    These materials are only available to attendees of the workshop. A password is required to access.

    This courseware is for internal Fire Department use only and cannot be reproduced/repackaged/shared/sold without prior consent from the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management.

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